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16th century dancing
pavane, gaillarde, courante, allemande, balletti, volte branle, gavotte

Chierlycke Danseryen is old Flemish for 'graceful dancing'. The company received this name on occasion of their first performance in the Festival of Flanders in 1986. Since then they performed all over Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, England and Poland.

This company is based in Ghent and offers different programs:

• 16th century dances and other courtesies..

This program gives a theatrical introduction in the unfamiliar world of the renaissance court, etiquette, costumes, music and dance. The dances are precise reconstructions from French and Italian period treatises : Orchèsographie (1589) by Thoinot Arbeau, Il Ballarino (1581) and Nobiltà di dame (1600).

Court etiquette is illustrated by anecdotes and quotations from treatises on dance and good manners.


• Festa in Venezia.

The music of Claudio Monteverdi is our main inspiration for this performance.
Madrigals as Tirsi and Clori, and Zefiro torna are choreographed as well as a religious piece taken from Selva Morale and Spirituale.

This program is fully focused on theatrical dance of the beginning of the 17th century. Reconstructions from Le gratie d'Amore (1602) are followed by choreographies in which feature brilliant 16thcentury dance technique and improvisation.


• Alla Fiammenga.

To the music of bagpipes and drums the atmosphere of a peasant feast in a 16th century Flemish village is recreated. Sword dances , round and country dancing , egg dancing, dancing to drums and singing do enchant the audience. Our costumes are inspired by Breughel the Elder, the famous 16th century Flemish painter.