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19th-20th century social dancing
wals, quadrille, mazurka, reel, anglaise, cotillon, polkas, charleston,
one-step, tango,

J'ai vu des valseurs consommés s'élancer avec la rapidité de la foudre, à la fois si prompts et si légers qu'on eût dit qu'ils allaient s'envoler de terre avec leurs valseuses, puis briser tout à coup leur course, pour ainsi dire et prendre une allure si lente et douce que l'on distinguait à peine les mouvements de leur corps. ( Cellarius 1847)

The Institute organises every year a 19th century ball (since 1996) and gained a very strong reputation in this field. Lieven Baert discovered his fascination for this period during classes with Elizabeth Aldrich in Washington and started his own research in 1995.

The research is focused on early 19th century social dance in Western Europe.
Lieven Baert is now guest teacher at the University of Stockholm for 19th century dancing and is engaged as dancing master all over Europe.

19th century Ball .

We prefer to demonstrate 19th century dances in a ballroom setting.

On music of father Strauss, Schubert or Lanner and other, less famous, composers we demonstrate early waltzes, quadrilles, mazurka's, reels, anglaises, françaises or écossaises.

A dancing master can lead the audience into participating into easy but correct 19th century social dancing and etiquette.



• Titanic

A dazzling music program with the wonderful music ensemble "Titanic".

A musical trip with fascinating music between 1900 and 1945.

We start with a Charleston of the gay twenties and end up in a comical tango.