The Institute for Historical Dance Practice (IHDP)
The IHDP was founded in 1992 by Lieven Baert.
IHDP is an abbreviation for the " Institute for Historical Dance Practice ". This Institute was founded by Lieven Baert in 1992. Its main objective is to research, preserve and perform social and theatrical dances of Western Europe between 1450 and 1920. We do consider "historical" dance as a serious dance discipline and try to rediscover the old techniques and mould them into a performance for a critical public of today. Therefore we work with professionally trained dancers, musicians and performers who trained hard to understand the style of the different periods.
At present several different themes have been researched and developed:

The Art of Dancing
15th century Italian and French/Burgundian court dance.

Chierlycke Danseryen
16th century court dance.

C'est Pas grave
French baroque dance.

Société des redoutes
18th and 19th century social dance

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The IHDP offers the following services:

Period dance:
in any event from private parties to public festivals.

Dance classes:
15th century court dance.
16th century court dance.
17/18th century baroque dance.
17th and 18th century social dancing.
19th century social dancing.

for singers, actors, performers in period movement.

Advice and design:
for historical costumes.

Educational work:
in schools and museums.


Address :
I.H.D.P. vzw, c/o Lieven Baert
Scheldestraat 109, B - 9040 Gent.
Tel: +32-9-228.01.55 ,
GSM: +32-497-040.919

19th century quadrille

16th century pavane

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